Videos from the Capital

There is a lot of discussion on who was really involved in the violent part of the Save America protest in DC this week and how it was so easy for the to get in to the building. Below are videos that aren’t being covered in the news. We won’t know for certain until an investigation is conducted but take a look for yourself.

Article with video of people inside of capital handing poles out the window for protestors to use to break in.

Video at the side or back of Capital as protestors just walk in past police. One officer says I disagree with it but respect the place. The person filming says maybe they’re going to lock us in.

Rep Mo Brooks on NewsMax indicating that Congress was informed in advance about possible antifa infiltration of protestors.

Video from balcony of capital, protestors try to stop people from breaking in, crowd chanting “F@%! antifa”

Video showing protestors protecting police from other protestors.

Video from woman at protest saying she isn’t seeing the violence.

Interview of attendee describing day and saying they didn’t even know there was violence going on.

Video of cop taking a selfie with protestors inside the Capital

Video showing protestor who is trying to break window being booed and stopped. “Are you f%#!ing Antifa?”

Really odd video showing large group of police moving to the side of Capital with just a few protestors following.

Video of police in doorway using fire extinquisher and trying to shut doors. It is odd the police all had gas masks but were using a fire extinguisher and not paper spray and also the only one person was holding to door open yet they couldn’t pull the doors shut.

Article with video of people inside of capital handing poles out the window for protestors to use to break in.

Video of crowd yelling stop them that’s antifa as a few guys try to break windows. Crowd cheers when someone tackles him.

Video from the side or back of Capital looking out where the police remove barricade and let people walk in and a man waves everyone in.

Video of small group slowly walking in with policeman in front of them but no attempt to even discourage them.

Several Videos of front of Capital. 1st video is when officers open barricades and let people walk in. You hear someone say “watch out folks ’cause there’s antifa” and later “oh my god, they’re letting us”. An ambulance even backs up to clear the walkway. the 2nd video shows a little scuffle with police and then then the barricades are removed.

Video showing people in capital picking up trash (very nice for rioters)

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