Election Irregularity Summaries

Work in progress…

Video from a Georgia county showing adjudication process. In a nutshell if a ballot can’t be read by scanner it is filed in an adjudication folder. The operator can pull up each ballot in the adjudication folder and decide what the voter intended and essentially completes a new ballot that can then can then be printed out. As discussed in this video of testimony from the Data Integrity Project a critical issue is that the the “new” ballot replaces and deletes the original scanned ballot. There are no audit logs on the system to determine who made the adjudication or what the change was. It also means when you conduct and hand audit you will be auditing the printed new/adjudicated ballot not the original that couldn’t be read by the scanner.

This process leaves things wide open for issues and not way of auditing. This makes it very concerning that in Fulton County such a large percentage of votes needed to be adjudicated. Here the director of elections Richard Barron said on Nov 4 “so far we’ve scanned 133,130 ballots, we’ve adjudicated over 106,000 so far”. Several of the other states in question had large error rates on scanning providing the same opening for issues and no way to compare to the original ballot.

Every Legal Vote Summary of election issues from contested states

Package of Documents from Sydney Powell on voting machines and foreign involvement. Includes Atrium County, MI Dominion Audit results, Navarro Report, historical documents from Congress showing bi-partisan concern over voting systems

GA Subcommittee of the Standing Senate Judiciary Committee report of election issues

Senate Hearing on Election Security and Administration December 16 with Krebs of CISA and Kenneth Starr and Trump Campaign attorneys. This is long but very interesting to see how Krebs discusses his group’s statement that this was the most secure election ever. It appears to be only based on work done to ensure more states have paper that can be audited. So without audits do we really know they were secure? The testimony of the lawyers are very interesting to see how the courts refused to look at evidence.

Video documenting votes being removed on election night.

Forensic Computer Scientist testifies 47 USBs missing from PA.

Article with videos about WI recount where Republicans were not allowed close enough to see any details of the ballots being recounted.

Examples of fraud from previous elections – work in progress

Former Congressman charged with ballot stuffing, bribery and obstruction in PA. This was just released by DOJ but relates to 2014-2016 and shows how fraud works.

Whistleblower in TX audio recording

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