Voter Fraud – MI Witness & Questionable Training

I’ve watched most of the hearings in each state. It is such a disservice that these hearings are not broadcast in full on regular channels. The best thing that can be done to ensure confidence in the process is to air the complaints and then have them disproven. This is one of the best testimonies I have seen to understand the process. Dr. Tarver has worked with elections in MI for 29 years and does a great job of explaining the issues around the 71% of the Detroit votes not being able to balance and how a recount (vs a forensic audit) does nothing to uncover the issues.

Dr. Tarver emphasizes the need to protect the poll challengers. Many witnesses have reported challengers being harassed, intimidated and physically removed.

Below is a voice recording of training conducted in Detroit encouraging poll workers to have an adversarial attitude toward challengers as well as instructing them to incorrectly process votes. Note on Provisional Ballots: the appropriate process for when a voter arrives and requests to vote but the system shows they already voted by mail-in absentee is for them to fill out an affidavit and vote on a provisional ballot that should then be reviewed with the absentee ballot to determine which is the correct vote. In the training they are instructed to put these provisional ballots in an envelop which will be destroyed w/in 6 days.

Listen to the Detroit Training.

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