Voter Fraud – MI Heartbreaking Testimony

Videos from the Michigan voter fraud hearings. These 2 immigrant women discuss what they experienced in Detroit when working as a challenger and as a poll worker. They were both emotional about how much they love this country and how devastated they were to see clear issues in the voting process. It was also shocking to see how one democrat legislator treated each of them during the question period at the end of their testimony.

This second testimony is long and slow but is important to show the perspective of an actual poll worker and how traumatized by the supervisors at the Detroit counting center. At the end of this one the democrat legislator uses her one question to get the witness’ full name which felt to me like an intimidation tactic.

Many will say none of these testimonies which have signed affidavits under penalty of perjury are proof of fraud. My question is what constitutes “proof” and if these statements are not enough then doesn’t the government need to force the counties to at least allow the documents and data to be reviewed? At this point no one outside of the process has been allowed to do that. There have been recounts but as Dr. Tarver indicated (previous post) this tells us nothing because it is an indication if the count was correct and not if the ballots were correct.

Many are also saying that the courts have proven these claims of fraud are baseless because case after case has been thrown out. In just the few court decisions I have actually seen the reason the judge gives is related to procedures (plaintiff does not have standing in that particular court, issue should be addressed in a different court, etc,.) and not the value of the evidence. More on court cases soon.

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